Tacko Fall : A Tall Dream Set Forth

by WorldPlayer iD

By. Mario Asimakis


A lot can be said about the magnitude of one’s determination and absolute will to succeed. Tacko Fall has always been an individual who has aspired to succeed in the goals set forth in life. He has had grand aspirations to make a name for himself in basketball and Mother nature has given him  the ultimate assist by blessing him with the height and mindset to chase those dreams. Tacko is not your average basketball enthusiast, if he stands next to almost anybody his age you will quickly see why he is a special story. Standing at 7’4 1/2 inches with a size 22 shoe, he is clearly the tallest player out of the Class of 2015. In fact, if he was in the NBA, he would currently be the tallest player in the league.

Coming out of Dakar, Senegal, Tacko Fall is one of eight children and has two uncles who are 6’8 inches tall. He hasn’t played basketball for long but intends to use his height to hopefully play professionally. “People don’t realize when they see me, I’ve never played basketball before,” Fall told the Orlando Sentinel. Being that he is new to the sport, he has several goals set forth by second year Liberty Christian’s Head coach Paul Archer. Fall is one of four players out of Senegal on Liberty Christian’s roster this season and Archer had this to say to the Sentinel about how he intends to help Fall grow, “One thing we need to do is get him in the weight room and get him stronger.” Archer knows that Tacko’s future is great, “There still is a lot of work we have to do with him. Next year is his big year.”

Tacko’s aspirations stream longer than just basketball, “I’m hoping to play professional basketball but at the same time I want to be a biochemist” Tacko told the Orlando Sentinel.

Tacko is destined to be a fan favorite on every team he plays for and has quite a presence about him no matter where he goes, “Everywhere I go, people want to take pictures, talk to me, shake my hands; I am getting used to it.”

It appears that Tacko Fall has a bright future ahead of him but he also acknowledges that he needs to work hard and improve, “I need to play like a big man, be aggressive on the post, pass the ball and work on my hook shot.” he told the Sentinel.

With the right mindset and attitude, it looks like Tacko Fall could one day be the tallest player in the NBA. He has a long road to travel before he can lace up his big shoes for a major school, but he has certainly put himself in the right position to begin taking those steps towards that goal.

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